Restricted Possession and Acquisition Licence

This is a 1-day course with 6 hours of instruction.




RPAL: Adult 18 years of age and must have completed PAL

Please note:

  1. You MUST qualify for an Authorization to Carry (ATC) in order to purchase a handgun.

2.  You must now qualify under one of the following (ATC) to purchase a hand gun:

1. Professional Trapper, Trapper Helper, Guide, Guide Helper.  2. Remote Personal Protection (Rancher, Farmer, Forester, Logger, Surveyor, etc).  3. Work.   4.Elite Competition (Olympics: participant/coach).   5.Purposes of Movie Making.

The RPAL protects you in the event a rifle or shotgun you own, becomes restricted

Course Objectives

Firearm owners have social responsibilities. By completing this course, Students will be instructed on what these responsibilities are. They will learn how to do the following:

  • Handle restricted firearms and ammunition safely.
  • Use restricted firearms and ammunition safely.
  • Comply with firearms laws.
  • Store restricted firearms and ammunition safely.
  • Display restricted firearms safely.
  • Transport restricted firearms safely.

The course emphasizes safe storage, display, transportation, handling and use of restricted firearms. Safety depends on more than just safe physical actions.